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February 2018
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Best Wine with Thanksgiving Dinner

2007 Bonterra Viognier Mendocino County

2007 Bonterra Viognier Mendocino County

When I think of Thanksgiving dishes, I think quantity, variety, and aromatics.  Choosing a wine that matches these traits while offering up a little contrast to make things interesting is often the best choice for such a complex meal.  But how does one find a wine that works with turkey, creamed corn, and green bean casserole all at the same time?

Quantity:  Lots of food, lots of guests, and a long time at the table.  The wine should be lower than average in alcohol…I mean yeah…we’ll be watching football and having fun all day, right?  But, lower alcohol shouldn’t mean it doesn’t have the body style necessary to stand up to all the cream and gravy.  For contrast, the wine should have a little zing of acidity to cut through our close friend’s delectable sausage stuffing.

Variety:   This wine should be complex.  With a dozen different dishes, and some strong ones at that, the wine should bring lots of different aromas and flavorsto the table.

Aromatics:  Thanksgiving is the most aromatic of traditional American meals so it stands to reason we’ll need something with a high degree of aromatics so the food does not diminish its partner.

The winner? 2007 Bonterra Viognier, Mendocino County.

This cool climate wine has under 14% alcohol, offers both floral and fruit aromatics, and has a medium-full and creamy mouth feel.  Without question it is consistently year in and year out one of the great values in viognier, and it is widely available around the country for around $15.  Did I mention it is also Certified Organic?

Remember, its not what is in your glass, but who you share it with.

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Bonterra Winery, an Organic Advocate

Going green is now more hip than ever, but Bonterra Winery has long believed in organic practices.  In fact, their vineyards have been certified organic for more than 15 years. 

Their grapes are grown without the use of any artificial fertilizers or synthetic chemicals to build a living soil that encourages natural pest/predator balance. By fostering the health of the soil, Bonterra believes the plant will in turn be healthier and therefore produce better fruit for winemaking. Read More

2007 Bonterra Viognier, Organically Grown

2007 Bonterra Viognier:

If the sensual texture isn’t enough to make you smile, the beautiful perfumed nose of orange blossom, apricot, and beeswax certainly will. A strong impression of stone minerality comes forward on the palate, making this wine act like a squeaky clean “old world” viognier.

Die-hard chardonnay fans typically find a bottle of viognier in front of them at some point and are amazed at how delicious they are.  Bonterra consistently produces a superb quality example, and an organic one to boot.  Read More

Wine Judges Reward Wineries and Consumers

Judging at The Green Wine Competition

Mark Stuart judging at The Green Wine Competition

They share acute sensitivity, a grandfather’s patience and a spittoon the size of a 12-piece bucket from KFC.

Wine judges are a strange breed indeed. Who else would travel thousands of miles, usually for little or no money, just to sit in a fluorescent hotel conference room all day and spit out everything they put in their mouth?

Though certainly not a glamorous job, wine judges and the competitions they serve provide tangible benefits for wineries, retailers and consumers. Read More

Organic and Biodynamic Wine Takes Center Stage

Kermit the Frog couldn’t have said it better when he sang the song “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

Organic, and to a greater extent, biodynamic wines must go the extra mile in farming and winemaking to satisfy the rigorous standards set before them, often times at great expense. Even so, more wineries and vineyards are going green to capture a growing niche market of consumers who are looking for environmentally friendly products. And now with a new competition dedicated exclusively to earth-friendly wines, green wines are now winning gold.

Read More