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December 2017
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World Wine Challenge CD-ROM

world wine challengeCD-ROM author Barry Wiss, CWE, is a leader in the Society of Wine Educators, Vice President of Communications and Trade Relations at Trinchero Family Winery, and helped write The Napa Valley Intensive course for The Culinary Institute of America. Yup…he’s qualified.

Basically it is a question and answer game.  If you get the question correct, you move on to another random corner of the wine world.  If you are incorrect, it spells out why.  Multiple players may participate or one can study on their own. Read More

Two for One Wine Classes

Buy one wine class, get the 2nd one free!

I’ve proclaimed 2010 as “The Year of Happiness”.

Heck, local real estate prices have been on the rise for 8 consecutive months and the stock market has risen nearly 37% over the last year. We certainly have not seen that in a while!

Now is the time to treat yourself (or your Mom!) to something special, and I’m here to offer my own little incentive to do so.  Keep this email as a “Buy one super fun entertaining and informative wine class, get one super fun entertaining and informative wine class free” coupon.* Read More

The Wine Bible

The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil

The Wine Bible, by Karen MacNeil, Workman Publishing

This friendly read offers personal insight into all things wine, written by a woman who is a self-made superstar in this arena. In fact, in 2004, MacNeil was named “Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year” by The James Beard Foundation and later was awarded “2005 Wine Educator of the Year” by the European Wine Council.

More about education than reference, The Wine Bible acts as the reader’s personal travel guide through the world of wine. From vine to wine and food pairings, with historical and regional vignettes, it covers every meaningful wine subject. Read More

What Makes Great Wine Great?

logo_state-fairAs a wine critic and judge I am often asked what makes great wine great.

First of all, the mere fact that someone enjoys a particular wine does not make it great. It means, and only means, that they like that particular wine. Let me explain with an analogy.

Money aside, one may appreciate the simple pleasure of a VW bus, but it is difficult to argue that a Bentley is not a superior vehicle. The same can be applied to a bottle of wine. Hordes of wine lovers flock to the accessibility of Charles Shaw, but given the opportunity they would jump at the chance to test drive a Chateau Margaux! Read More

Wine Online: Best of…

Web sites exist for just about everything wine, including a Web site appropriately named

Anyone who enjoys a little time in the easy chair with their favorite glass of vino will find this list of wine-related Web sites an invaluable resource to help further their enjoyment of the world’s greatest beverage.

Read More