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January 2018
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Big House Wine 2008

Big House Red

Big House Red

So I just got through tasting and reviewing the three Big House wines that were sent to me by the distributor.  While writing my tasting notes a different thought process rolled through my head.  Let me explain…

A few years and beers ago my pal Dale, the bartender at Latitude 32 Grill and Pub in Pacific Beach, CA recanted a story from the previous night where a well dressed woman sashayed through the door of this neighborhood pub and asked to see the wine list.  Ever the clever lad Dale is, he went back to the office where he scribbled in large permanent marker three words on a coctail napkin.  “RED”, “WHITE”, “PINK”.  I don’t think she’s been back.

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The Buzz on Alcohol in Wine

Alcohol’s affect on people is widely known, however it has a much greater purpose in a finished bottle of wine.

The body style or impression of fullness, the texture, and volume of aroma are all affected by the percentage of alcohol in a given wine. Also, because alcohol content is listed on the label of every bottle, it is easy to learn volumes about any wine when purchasing for a social gathering or when pairing with food. Read More