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December 2017
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The same week the FCC ruled cable companies must offer monopolistic programming such as San Diego Padres and Philadelphia Phillies games to alternative service providers, a Federal court upheld a lower court ruling which could open the door for Massachusetts wine drinkers to buy direct from wineries or online.

Companies such as Cox Cable in San Diego have enjoyed a competitive advantage over rivals such as a 1992 law left a loophole which allowed the cable giant to withhold Padres programming from competitors such as DirecTV or AT&T’s U-Verse television service.  Wednesday, the FCC voted 4-1 to close the loophole.  

Phillies, 76rs, Knicks, and Rangers fans were also affected by this ruling and should enjoy more choices as to whom they purchase television programming from in the future, while still being able to support their favorite team.

It is unknown when the change may take material affect, and cable companies could mount another challenge to the ruling.  Stay tuned…and you should be able to, no matter where you buy your programming from.

Wine consumers also benefited from a First Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Thursday throwing out a 2006 law enacted by the Massachusetts legislature over the veto of then Governor R-Mitt Romney effectively restricting 98% of the United States wine from being shipped to residents. 

Attorney General D-Martha Coakley, who was recently trounced by R-Scott Brown in the landmark election to fill the state’s vacated United States Senate position, had fought to uphold the restrictive law. 

The Cork Head’s take:  Shouldn’t we all learn a lesson from these rulings and election and realize, beyond party lines, that our country is a free one.  We love to have to have the freedom of choice and allow the open market to fall where it may.  Competition is what built our country and what will make it strong again, not governmental restrictions, outlandish spending, or undue taxes on the successful businesses and individuals who actually create long lasting careers instead of temporary job statistics.  However, political pressures will continue to drive our government to make decisions that are often not in the best interest of our country or in the support of the freedom of choice.  And, when that happens, the citizens have the power to express the ultimate freedom and expression of will with a single vote.  The election of R-Scott Brown, along with the FCC ruling and overturning of the Massachusetts wine law should be another in an ongoing series of wake up calls to all that we the citizens of this great country are the true owners and will decide our own ultimate fate.

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