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December 2017
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huskers logoThe wife and I loaded up the dogs and hit the road for a week or so, going through Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Linocln, and Denver.  I’ll be back with some more wine goodies soon, but in the mean time…

Colorado Springs:  Garden of the Gods

Tuesdays at the Colorado Sky Sox is Two-fer Tuesdays. $2 beers, $2 seats…even the really good ones!  Oh yeah…don’t miss the Garden of the Gods park.  It is shockingly beautiful.  Small enough to get through the entire park easily and in less than an hour, but large enough to be spread out so people can have their own quiet space.

The Great Kansas City BBQ Debate:  Gates, Arthur Bryant’s, Jack Stack, etc.

Well, my personal favorite is still Bryant’s.  Atmosphere, history, and most importantly great taste billows from the smokers here.  Gates is good and quick with some killer sauce and fries, but a little disorganized.  Jack Stack is superb, but a little more upscale.  For me, if I want BBQ, I expect sauce to be dripping down my forearms, and, well, in a long sleeve collard shirt that just isn’t a good look.

Don’t miss the WW I exhibit and museum.  Chronologically organized and informative, without being too museumy…if you know what I mean.

Lincoln:  GO BIG RED!

I live in San Diego, and I firmly believe it is truly America’s finest city.  Fish tacos, beaches, weather, respectable traffic, Mexico on our back porch…I could go on and on.  Most importantly, we are nothing like Los Angeles!

However, absolutely, bar none, there is no better place to be in the country than Lincoln, NE on a football Saturday.  The stadium has been sold out since 1962!  Yep…it’s true.  And if you go, you must attend the pre-party on Friday night at Sidetrack Tavern.  You’ll never look at college football the same way again.

Tip:  Wear Red!

Denver:  A Taste of Colorado

Stay downtown, or LODO as they call it.  Walk to the ballpark or the 16th avenue mall.  Free transportation and more steakhouses than you can shake a bottle of cabernet at.  Taste of Colorado is going on Labor Day weekend too…BIG FUN!

The Colorado Rockies baseball club has $4 tickets every day if you just wanna take in a game, have  beer, and check out the ballpark.

My personal favorite?  The fish and chips at Katie Mullin’s Irish Pub.  It is rare to find honest to goodness fish and chips in the United States.  These would stand up to the best in any Commenwealth Country.

See ya’ll soon…

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