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December 2017
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Damon and Sabrina

Damon and Sabrina

In September of 1998 Damon Goldstein traveled to Germany’s Rheingau for the first time with the purpose of visiting the family home of his sweetheart Sabrina Vochan.

Being one of the great wine growing regions on earth, he dropped in on few wineries along the way where he was  stunned by the quality and style of wines being produced.   They were nothing like the German wines he had tasted in the United States.   “I bought a whole case and squirreled it away”, said Goldstein.

As the couple’s relationship blossomed into marriage, they wanted to find a way to spend more time in Germany while at the same time looking for employment in a growth industry in their San Diego home.  The shared passion for the style of wine being produced in her homeland provided an impetus to open a specialty wine store that showcases the boutique German wine producers they revere.

Truly Fine Wine features premium and ultra-premium wines made by elite micro-producers from the best growing regions in Germany. Their portfolio includes everything from traditional dry riesling and pinot noir to the crisp sparkling Sekt to the haunting nectar of a trockenbeerenauslese. One thing you won’t find here are the Blue Nun’s of the world made popular in the United States throughout the 60’s and 70’s.

Due to the efforts of merchants such as Truly Fine Wine, riesling is inching closer to becoming mainstream in the US.   According to the Wine Market Council, consumption of the varietal increased 24% over last year.

Truly Fine Wine has championed this wine wave in San Diego by bringing these superior products to market.   “We break stereotypes of the (wines)”, Goldstein says proudly.

Though not the easiest place to see from the road, the shop is conveniently located just south of Costco at 4606 #K Morena Boulevard.   Just look for the “German Wine Wholesale” sign they put up by hand each morning.  Improved visibility might be better for business, but they like the personal attention afforded each customer that comes through the door. “Stop by on your way to Costco” says Goldstein.  “In five to ten minutes we can provide the basic knowledge that will allow any consumer to make an informed decision about our wines.”   They also offer the opportunity to do scheduled private tastings.

In a world dominated by big box stores, quality retailers offering personal service and unique products at superior value are a rare commodity indeed. Drop in on Truly Fine Wine while visiting that “other” retailer on the block to discover for yourself what makes this place, and people, so special. For more information visit

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