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December 2017
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Isn’t is refreshing to watch athletes compete at the highest level of their sport and express the joy they have without pretense?

I was struck by an interview with Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn as she politely and calmly answered all the questions she was asked with poise and charm…and with a conviction to be the very best.  Her passion was palpable.  Her commitment infectious.  She was simply being herself.  Expressing her thoughts.

Shortly thereafter, in the setting of a friendly Pro-Am in conjunction with the PGA Tour, Tom Brady started doing his best Rickey Henderson impression…answering questions while doing anything he possibly could to be as deflective as possible.  A loose quote of his said it all.  “We are working at it and we are hitting it a little better.” 

We?  Golf is an individual sport Tom.  What’s with the “we” reference?  Dude, this wasn’t a Super Bowl press conference, this was a fun event where you are served up on a silver platter a platform to show your personality to the nation.  Maybe you could show some sort of apprecation that you are fortunate enough to be playing golf with the world’s best on THEIR stage, at Pebble Beach no less, one of the greatest meetings of sea and earth one will ever experience. 

How about a little, “Man, I love it here.  What a special treat it is to be here and experience all of this.  I’m truly blessed”.  Give the scripted stuff a rest!

Perhaps the best thing I’ve seen so far was Netherlands Speed Skater Sven Kramer going into the stands.  Nope, it wasn’t anything like Ron Artest or Milton Bradley trying to put a beat down on a ticketholder, it was simply an athlete so overjoyed to win that he felt it only appropriate to share his gold medal moment with those who loved him most…his girlfriend, parents, and other close supporters.  It was wonderful to see the interaction of a sportsman and fans in a non-Detroit or Oakland sort of way, wasn’t it?

I guess this is why we love the Olympics so much.  Sure, we get to see competitions not normally shown in prime time, if ever given any air time at all.  Mostly we get to experience the heartache, pain, and triumphs of athletes wearing their hearts, and countries, on their sleeves for everyone to see.

GO TEAM USA!  Make us proud.

So, for my wine to pair with the early action I must choose an albarino, a light and refreshing wine sometimes even with a hint of spritz to it.  Sound familiar?

For now…

Mark the Cork Head

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