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February 2018
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Blue Apron Discount, but not Free, Coupon Code

I’ve been cooking with Blue Apron at home meal delivery service for months, and while it certainly is not perfect, it has simplified and improved our at home dining experiences.  No longer do we have the mid-week menu rut that has been plaguinblue-apron-logog us for years.  Instead, we simply open our fridge and break out one of three meals Blue Apron ships to our door each week. If you too would like to cook efficient high quality meals at home, click this Blue Apron Discount Link for three free meals upon your first order.

What we Love about Blue Apron

Where do I begin!  But, let me break this down in to some easy to digest bullet points:

  1. No more shopping mid week!  Ever have an empty fridge on a Wednesday, and the argument begins about who is going to the grocery store at 5:30 to get something quick to make for dinner, or do you settle for spending more money to go out when you really don’t want to?
  2. Meal variety!  We find ourselves cooking dinner at home with ingredients and recipes we would probably have never tried before, expanding our culinary horizons.
  3. No waste!  Every box seems to come with the absolute perfect amount of food for each person.  Ever need just a little cilantro to finish off a dish you are cooking on a Saturday, only to find that massive bunch of unused greens wilting in your crisper drawer a week later?  Say “no more”  Blue apron ships just the perfect amount of seasonings, herbs, garlic, ginger, or whatever ingredient for each dish.
  4. No Contracts!  Yep, week to week, cancel any time.  Start and stop each shipment, and choose your three meals from 6 options each week.  Easy as that!

These are three things we absolutely love about the Blue Apron at home meal delivery service.  All we need to provide is salt, pepper, and cooking oil.  A knife, cutting board, typically only one pan and some bowls to hold the prepped ingredients and you are on your way.  And, because of the blue-apron-1no waste and perfect food measurements provided in each shipped box, we save money every week.

What Could Blue Apron Improve Upon

Well, as you have read, we really like the service and continue to use it.  But, it certainly is not perfect.  I typically prepare the meal, and as a trade off, my wife typically does the dishes.  Fair trade for each of us, and we both are happy.  However, it does make for a little more clean up than we typically would have mid week, and we don’t get “grillable” dinners very often.  That leads me to my second point.  The proteins are pretty good, but not amazing.  I’ve found the chicken to be great, white fish varieties to be good, with the salmon probably only average.  I can get better at my local market here in San Diego.  That being said, we still love the recipes so much we can overlook some of those minor deficiencies in Blue Apron to keep us coming back for more dinners shipped direct to our door.

So, there you have it.  I know you probably only came here for the Blue Apron Coupon, so there it is again for your use.  Enjoy the 3 free meals after your first order and come back to tell me what you think?


Mark the Cork Head

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