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January 2018
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A Feast of Barbeque and Wine

Smoke-A-Licious BBQ

Smoke-A-Licious BBQ

Just because the San Diego Chargers are not living up to pre-season expectations doesn’t mean your tailgate should follow suit. A well chosen wine with your pre-game barbeque might just make you a parking lot MVP.

Modern styles of wine offer a delicious alternative to beer with traditional low and slow barbeque, and one that might make your cooler a little it lighter too. Now more than ever wine has a place next a steaming hot plate of slow cooked smoked meat slathered in sauce.

When pairing wine with food, the first and overriding issue is matching the weight of Read More

Top 5 Winery Visits in Napa

Entrance to the World Famous Napa Valley

Entrance to the World Famous Napa Valley

When visiting the Napa Valley, finding a special winery to enjoy a tasting is as easy as absorbing the magic that makes this one of the great wine regions on earth. Cruising along Highway 29 or the Silverado Trail (the two most traveled roads that border the majority of the wineries) the vineyards sprawl from mountain range to mountain range, from San Francisco Bay north past Calistoga. There are literally hundreds of wineries to choose from, the vast majority willing to share their history, character, and beautiful views while tasting their vino for just a few dollars.

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